We set out for our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award practice expedition during two of the last days of April.  Proceeding those two days was (at that point) the best weather we had experienced this year.  Blue skies, no wind & warm temperatures, there was nothing not to like.  So as you can tell DOEwe were expecting more of the same, but that wasn’t to be the case.  On the 1st day we set off from Cockermouth School and as we started to ascend up the Hay, we could see in the distance the clouds were building and a weather front was on its way.

What resulted through the next two days were heavy downpours of snow, persistent rain, wind and very low temperatures.  They didn’t have it easy! What they endured through those two days was as hard as it gets. I have now worked at a number of schools through my career and what I know now is that we have at this school some of the very best.
Our students never once complained, they carried on regardless and persevered.   I am very pleased and proud of this year’s crop of DofE students and when you come to read this article they will have completed their qualifying expedition in what I hope are perfect conditions.  I am equally thankful of the staff that supported the expedition, their organisation and support meant that the whole process ran smoothly and effectively.

Richard Horton

DofE Coordinator and Joint Head of Science